Tire Chains

It is tire chain season, and it has been years since we've seen snow like this!

Don't get stuck without a reliable pair of chains.  Weather you're hauling cars out of the ditch, travelling on snowpacked mountain roads or operating heavy equipment, we have the chains to keep you safe this season. 


Order your pair today:

Calgary 403-236-1262 • Edmonton 780-481-1122

Grand Prairie 780-539-7316 • Red Deer 403-340-3620

Featuring TRYGG, the most recognized name in the Tire Chain Industry we carry a host studded products for highway and off-road trucks, as well as large equipment including loaders, graders, and forestry skidders.

Situated in the heart of Western Canada Titan carries the largest range of tire chain products in Canada.

For those applications that do not require the aggressiveness of studs we also carry a complete range of V-Bar and regular round chains.

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