On August 21, 2014 from 10 am to 4 pm in Edmonton, Alberta, manufacturers, industry partners and end users came together in one location to network and connect.  This Expo was for oil and gas, mining, construction, transportation, forestry, fabrication or road maintenance industries.  Attendance was free at Titan's Edmonton facility.  You could meet representatives from Black Cat Blades, Crosby, Caldwell, CM Rigging, Cranemasters, ITI, Kennametal, Slingmax, Thern, Trygg, United Rotary, Van Beest and WireCo.   We provided a BBQ lunch and beverages.

There was an opportunity to attend one of 7 education sessions hosted throughout the day.  Sessions included:

  • 10 am - 6 in 60: Six Diverse Load Handling Lessons in 60 Minutes (ITI)
  • 11 am - Applications and Inspection of Crosby Hardware (Crosby)
  • 12 pm - Innovation and Efficiency with Hammerless Teeth (Black Cat Blades)
  • 1 pm - How to achieve Rigging Compliance in Alberta (Cranemasters)
  • 2 pm - Wire Rope Splicing: Understanding Sling Construction (Titan)
  • 2:30 pm - Proof-testing: Analyzing break points (Titan)
  • 3 pm - Rigging Repairs: Inside Pullers & Clamps (Titan)


Seating was limited and signing up in advance was recommended to secure a seat!

This Lift-Dig-Haul Expo was the first of its kind in Edmonton and was a unique opportunity to network with leading manufacturers and industry partners from around North America.  More information is on our event webpage and event registration was at click here

You can also email us if you need additional information.